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Hola đź‘‹, my name is Mohan Sharma.

Passionate Learner | Erudite | Inquisitive

I enjoy watching Sci-fi movies and tv series, curious about the vast emptiness of the universe, love playing football. Lastly, waiting for SpaceX to deliver human to Mars.

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Senior Software Engineer

Having 6 Years’ experience in SAP Commerce (Hybris), CCv2 and overall about 10 Years’ experience in Java Development, I desire to gain quality experience that will allow me to take full advantage of my degree in Computer Engineering. In addition, I am eager to contribute my creativity and hard work towards the success of your company and to the growth of the fast-developing field.

What I like to talk about?

Spring Boot
SAP Commerce
Cloud Foundry
Agile | Scrum

Where I crafted?

Senior Software Engineer

SAP LABS IN (Nov 2018 - Present)

Software Engineer

LANDMARK GROUP IN (Apr 2017 - Oct 2018)

Software Engineer



PSA Billing Events

Using SAP Integration Suite, built an integration between Concur Metranet and Salesforce

psa tech stack

Intelligent Case Routing

The classifier application will fetch the case from salesforce, calls the machine learning model provided by CoE with the description of the case. Use the suggested queue from the machine learning model and update the suggested queue in salesforce case.

icr tech stack

Concur Digital Store

Provide B2B digital experience to USA customers for the sale of SAP Concur subscription products e.g. Expense, Travel, Invoice etc.

store tech stack

Cache Management

Grouped the user based on the hash of their user groups and then cached the website contents for those users belonging to that particular hash in Redis as well as Cloudflare which helped to smoothly handle large number of online users for any promotional sale.

store tech stack

Landmark Wallet

Customers always have the leverage of returning/cancelling the order which is bad for business. Hence, we came up with the concept of wallet for Landmarkshops online retail sites which helps in customer retention.

store tech stack

PayPal Integration

Integrated PayPal Payment Gateway with Landmarkshops online retail sites in GCC and India for efficient checkout.

store tech stack

QwikCilver Integration

Integrated QwikCilver’s gift card functionality with Landmarkshops online retail sites in India for generating revenue in advance of sale, brand awareness to customers.

store tech stack

Landmark Digital Store

Launch of new Landmarkshops online retail sites in Bahrain. Click and Collect for GCC and India. Sadad payment mode for GCC.

store tech stack

Prudential Life Assurance

This project involves developing all aspects of insurance services that can be provided by any insurer to insured like plan creation, conversion of plan to quotation, conversion of a quotation to a proposal and finally converting the proposal to a policy.

pla tech stack

Hospital Management System

The product consists of 3 individual applications namely- Afya-portal, Afya-clinic and Afya-pharmacy. Afya-portal is the central repository and creates tenants which were called Afya-clinic. Afya-clinic is an application for managing outpatients. Afya-pharmacy fulfils prescriptions, process the orders, generate invoice and do billing

hospital tech stack


This software was developed to provide Pay slip in the form of pdf to the employees.

payslip tech stack